Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving = Happiness

 The last week and a half have been a whirlwind, but it has been so much fun!! Thank you to my hair lady I was able to get my highlights touched up before spending almost a week with Chris for Thanksgiving! She can always get my hair straight - and nowadays, that is the only time I ever wear it straight!

I tried a new pony tail trick off of PINTEREST!!! It is basically 3-4 upside down ponies. I can't do this unless my hair is straight, so it was a fun little change! Sunday the 24th, Chris's family was having their Thanksgiving dinner with all the siblings and their kids. Sasha and I decided to surprise him so we drove down 3:00 Sunday afternoon, got there at 6. Ate dinner and hung out till about 9 and then turned around and came home. It was a short little visit but totally worth it! We both had a blast!

This is our Thankful tree at work. Everyone made fun of me when I put it up - but you'd be surprised who all came and put what they were thankful for on it every single day!! It was such a fun thing to do and really raised the positive vibes in the office!!

Here are my new nails for the holiday! Complete with 14k gold flakes. I love how they turned out!!

This is one of Chris's Christmas presents!! I ended up giving it to him over Thanksgiving though because he kept mentioning that he was going to buy it, and I had already had it made here at T-shirts Plus - so I just gave it to him! He loved it!!!

This was Chris making these delicious sweet potatoes. I am glad he didn't slice up his finger like he did last week making them!

All in all we had an amazing trip! Chris and I took his 4 kids to see the Hunger Games movie, and then on a different day Chris and I went and saw "The Book Thief". It was AMAZING!! I haven't read the book, but now I want to! It was a very well done movie! GO SEE IT!!!!
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