Monday, December 16, 2013

Sasha's Christmas Concert

 Sasha was so excited for her Christmas concert!!! (12/12/13) This was before the concert at home, twirling in her "spinny" dress.

Look at those eyelashes!!!

 She likes eating my life saver mints....

 This is her at the start of the TWO HOUR concert. It was a very long night....

This is her at the END! hahaha!! She was ready for it to be over. By the time we got home she was exhausted! Poor little thing! But they did such a great job!!
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Highlights from September and October

 Some little girl fell in love with this hoodie, tried it on, and nicely put it back....she will be super surprised when she finds out that Santa has been keeping one for her all along!

Making dinner. Can we ever take a normal picture?

Spirit Days at Sasha's kindergarten. They put shower caps on, covered them in shaving cream, and threw cheeto balls at each other to see who got the most!

Lots of fun for us!!
Our trip to the pumpkin patch!!!
It was so bright outside!
Between my Dad, brother, us, and Kira's family, we had a bunch of pumpkins!
Halloween costumes! Sasha was a mermaid and Emma was a monster high doll!
Aww, my parents are adorable!
My mummy pumpkin and Sasha's vampire princess!


Her hair! It is straight!! My mom straightened it for her while she was visiting! She was so proud of her pumpkin!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Me and my bug

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We were just thinking....

 I was just thinking....

Why don't we live somewhere tropical right now?!

The snow is crazy. The cold is misarable. The wind is terrifying.

Okay, that is an exaggeration - but we all know I am a palm tree and sunshine type of gal. Why did I move to Idaho, you ask?? Let's not talk about it...

But if I hadn't I probably wouldn't have met this handsome 'ol fella. Who, by the way, loves to shop and humors me by trying on just about anything I ask him to. Including these sunglass. (I know, they don't look like it, but they are 100% UV protected!)

Until next time peeps!
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving = Happiness

 The last week and a half have been a whirlwind, but it has been so much fun!! Thank you to my hair lady I was able to get my highlights touched up before spending almost a week with Chris for Thanksgiving! She can always get my hair straight - and nowadays, that is the only time I ever wear it straight!

I tried a new pony tail trick off of PINTEREST!!! It is basically 3-4 upside down ponies. I can't do this unless my hair is straight, so it was a fun little change! Sunday the 24th, Chris's family was having their Thanksgiving dinner with all the siblings and their kids. Sasha and I decided to surprise him so we drove down 3:00 Sunday afternoon, got there at 6. Ate dinner and hung out till about 9 and then turned around and came home. It was a short little visit but totally worth it! We both had a blast!

This is our Thankful tree at work. Everyone made fun of me when I put it up - but you'd be surprised who all came and put what they were thankful for on it every single day!! It was such a fun thing to do and really raised the positive vibes in the office!!

Here are my new nails for the holiday! Complete with 14k gold flakes. I love how they turned out!!

This is one of Chris's Christmas presents!! I ended up giving it to him over Thanksgiving though because he kept mentioning that he was going to buy it, and I had already had it made here at T-shirts Plus - so I just gave it to him! He loved it!!!

This was Chris making these delicious sweet potatoes. I am glad he didn't slice up his finger like he did last week making them!

All in all we had an amazing trip! Chris and I took his 4 kids to see the Hunger Games movie, and then on a different day Chris and I went and saw "The Book Thief". It was AMAZING!! I haven't read the book, but now I want to! It was a very well done movie! GO SEE IT!!!!
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Sunday, November 17, 2013


We went to the BYU/ISU game this weekend in Provo. It was freezing. Snow, rain, frigid cold! It was kind of fun at the same time because we got to get all bundled up, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy everyone's company.
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Family Pictures

Mom, Dad, Kaitlin, and Koree
Me and Kira
Aaron, Kira, Emma, Stella, and Hattie
I realized that I didn't post any of our most recent family photos on here. Here they are! I loved how all of them turned out!
My WHOLE family.
Hattie, Stella, Emma, and Sasha

Me and Stelly Belly
The Rushdi Siblings
Kourtney, Ben, Bridger, Em, and Charlotte
Siblings and spouses

Korth and Ashley
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