Monday, December 16, 2013

Highlights from September and October

 Some little girl fell in love with this hoodie, tried it on, and nicely put it back....she will be super surprised when she finds out that Santa has been keeping one for her all along!

Making dinner. Can we ever take a normal picture?

Spirit Days at Sasha's kindergarten. They put shower caps on, covered them in shaving cream, and threw cheeto balls at each other to see who got the most!

Lots of fun for us!!
Our trip to the pumpkin patch!!!
It was so bright outside!
Between my Dad, brother, us, and Kira's family, we had a bunch of pumpkins!
Halloween costumes! Sasha was a mermaid and Emma was a monster high doll!
Aww, my parents are adorable!
My mummy pumpkin and Sasha's vampire princess!


Her hair! It is straight!! My mom straightened it for her while she was visiting! She was so proud of her pumpkin!

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